L’attitude,Kamshet IN 2021

Country: India

Location: Kamshet, India


L’attitude had a very warm and welcoming feel the minute you enter the gates.

A short drive from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway brought us to this paradise near a small village called Takwe. Nestled on a small rise above the lake these two bungalows look strikingly grand as you step out of the vehicle.

The main bungalow majestically stands over lush green lawns with beautiful flowers around and a rose garden where even the roses were imported from England.

We were assigned the upper room of the second bungalow know as Longitude. As you enter the room it is easy to see that it has been designed for a family with children as the cozy 1st bedroom has this warm attic feel under wooden rafters. A full size TV ( never needed to use it) and a cute little sofa. I chose this room instantly.

As we wandered through the connecting door to the master bedroom…I was stunned by the view of the lake from this height. I was so mesmerised I did not even notice the massive double bed…

This room has high ceilings and has an elegant look about it. The whole place has been very tastefully done with attention to minute details.

Meals could be had either in the verandah of this bungalow or in the main one. Meals were a delight. Breakfasts of parsi akuri and toast loaded with butter set the tempo for the day…to just relax and and be one with nature. Lunches and dinners were decided by the other people in our group so I had no involvement in the menu planning however, I can say the food was excellent.

While we were there the wifi was strong with a decent speeds. I tested Vodaphone, Airtel and Jio. All worked in the open, but I did have some issues my small room. I just needed to roll over to the side of the bed closer to the door.

Air conditioning was good. Though it was hot outdoors in the daytime the room was cool enough to get by with the fan. The ACs functioned throughout the night with now difficulty.

The hospitality is phenomenal and the staff smilingly goes about their job…of taking care of you.

Well done! Look forward to going back soon.